Inspired by her experiences of multiple cultures in the world, and conceptual research into the "human" and the "more-than-human" aspects of the world Pamella Gomes broadens her artistic practice into an interdisciplinary, endless, and active experiment. This allows her to keep an open and flexible approach to art-making even when dealing with the constraints of specific sites and circumstances, whilst trying to maintain a practice which is socially and ecologically aware.

  Gomes's ideas are continuously recycled and filtered through a variety of mediums, often incorporating performance, video, photography, drawing, natural dyes/pigments, sculpture, and sound into installations. The multiple mediums become stimuli for different senses, coming together to evoke a change of perspective and contemplation into our relations to the beings, objects and places around us that can enrich our sense of being.  This is also a way to explore how different mediums have the capability to connect to each other, to the artist and to the audience, whilst keeping the process of making an exciting learning experience.  

Her reflections on how art changes the way we interact with the world tend to grow towards live performance art; where Gomes nourishes an idea and gives it a space and time to flourish in the presence of the audience. She aims to allow for experiences which are ephemeral and all-encompassing, to flow through, communicating the sense of interbeing and awareness.  

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