Discovering the potential of an object... its materials and actions that it invites me to perform...
Pinhole Camera Photographs
Installation & Performance
Afterlife: An experimental new life for discarded instruments, fabrics, books  
Performance instructions: 
                                                         Guided by awareness and spontaneous instincts 
       Awareness of the room, its content and context
                    Awareness of the objects, their material and context 
                            Awareness of the body interbeing with each moment  
  Feeling each and every Passing Rhythm  
                                 Search for the movement in the wood and its whispering
                                           Search for the movement in the interbeing 
                          Do not overthink and speak                                            
                                                       observe listen move  
For the audience: 
                            Observe listen and move  
                                         Free to enter and leave as you please  
                                                                   A chance encounter with the morphing
     within this reading room 
Casts above and bellow Piano Keys
Public Piano Installation for the Swansea International Jazz Festival, 2022
Close up to what it is made of
PIANO (first Installation & Performance in the basement) 2022
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